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  • George was so funny and had a great attitude. When you first meet him, you think...oh god! This should be interesting. But, I have to say...he was the best. George took three hours to inspect the house. He was very thorough and checked EVERY inch of the house. Not to mention, I loved this guys attitude. When you meet him you will understand what I mean. He was very honest and told us how it was. I would highly recommend using him if you ever need a home inspection. The guy is worth every penny!



    Professional Home Inspector. I recently went to purchase a large home that was 50+ years old. I called several inspectors and George told me he knows homes from 1890's to new. I checked online and read reviews, TRUE,true, true. I have told friends call him.



    George is a phenomenal inspector! George is a phenomenal inspector! His extensive knowledge about homes is impressive, and he was able to inform my husband and I about the potential dangers of polybutylene pipe in a condo we had him inspect (which is something about which we had no clue). He is patient, unbiased, and a trustworthy inspector - definitely worth hiring to provide a fair and thorough inspection :-)



  • An honest and ethical inspector.. We called George to address a repair to our dormers by the builder. All three dormers filled with snow during the Maryland blizzards last Feb. The builder added drip edge and the put roofing tape on a new house and told us we were good to go. Tape seemed to be an unacceptable and cheap repair to 1/2 "gaps in all the dormer walls We needed a professional to inspect the work, George not only found their repair to be problematic, he also found many other issues with the entire roof that we need to address with the builder before more damage can be done. George is very through and went above and beyond. Thankfully we found him! He is truly an honest man!



    a "GREAT"eastern shore home inspector. I used George to inspect my home in anne arundel county over 13 years ago and since then my hubby and I bought a weekender on the eastern shore. I knew I wanted George to inspect it and happily found him these many years later. I knew an honest guy like George would be around. I am glad he is and he did a excellent job once again.


    I am a recently retired widow and am in the process of buying out my sisters half of the house I line in. We thought we needed a roof and after hearing 13,000 we were told to get an inspection. As it turns out the roof has 6 more years according to the inspector but he found other issues which were needed and more. I would call him the Colombo of homes he was a blessing and looked at the entire house in out up and down. I wish the roofer new as much ..


  • Honest inspector/rental law. I called several home inspectors and I am glad I did. Most just told me a price for the new rental inspection in Baltimore co. The owner George spent time telling me the problems he has found and said fix it so he would not have to fail it or charge me for a return inspection. How few people would take care of me and not worry about their wallet? I respect honor. He saved me money and made his fee honestly!


    A Professional Home Inspector. I am a recently divorced lady and recently purchased an expensive new home. I told friends about my soon to be house and they said GET it inspected. I am so glad I did. George Pilat walked me through the whole house, he looked at and checked everything. I mean everything. He had so many helpful hints I shared them with family and friends. I would say to you call him He is a true pro.



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